Behind the lens


  •  I seldom sit still, it feels like a waste of time if I am not multitasking or creating.
  •  I am a learnaholic, whatever the current subject may be. And a perfectionist.
  •  My to-do list is never empty.
  •  Children can catch my full attention, and make me smile from ear to ear.
  •  Taking risks and trying new things has liberated me.
  •  I miss sharing everyday things with my family, as they are spread across the globe.
  •  I wish I could do more, to help lessen the social differences in the world.
  •  I love the way it feels to have my camera in hand and capture creation, and make keepsakes of people who are truly captivating…

Still-pictures have a special way of documenting life, a moment documented forever sometimes in an artistic, or realistic, and momentary way. It’s a joy to meet people, getting to know them and capturing moments which they will have to cherish in many other moments of their lives. Also just capturing LIFE as it is, curiously being captivated by the imperfectly wonderous. Stunned by creation.

Photography has been an interest all through my life, probably inherited from my grandfather who had a camera glued to his hand as far as I remember. During meetings and work events, family events, visiting friends, travels, when and wherever, I ensured those life-moments were documented. I have attended local courses and workshops, and am currently studying at the New York Institute of Photography.

Currently (and probably will stay here for a while yet!) I am located in Switzerland, with family and friends spread out a little everywhere. So I am close to France, Germany, Italy, Sweden….. Actually everything is close if one wants it to be! Travelling has been a large part of my life, so that doesn’t stop me if it won’t stop you.  Please do send me a message if you would like me to come visit you with my camera. Or just because.   🙂

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