Miles High

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

This past week, we were again amazed by the majesty of the Swiss Alps. A week in the snow and sun.

For a photographer, a great challenge to deal with extreme contrasts. Here are a few pictures to give you the feel, if they can in any way. No comparison of being there in person though. Get yourself in a car, train, aircraft, however…,  and head a few miles high!

The Dufour Spitze; Highest peak in the Swiss Alps.

Right across from the Dufour peak; the Matterhorn. The most famous peak in the Swiss Alps.

Matterhorn and slopes surrounding it by night

Working on more daring jumps

Swiss winter picnic

It looks like my external hard drive just decided to step out on me, so the winter wonderland photos will have to end here for the time being. I wish those of you living in the northern hemisphere a wonderful rest of the winter, and to the rest of you; it’s on its way..

New year news

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a little quiet from my side on the blog posting, sorry about that. Over the holidays I worked on the website, put it on my own domain, and have been looking at some planning for 2011. But not too much planning, otherwise there would be no room for exciting surprises! Just this week some surprising and fun opportunities have popped up and that has energized me, so I will have to put a bit of organization on my blogging time and coordinate that with other social media and work which is also current.

Next month I will be traveling to China and the Philippines where I have planned to shoot some photo-essays along with other work and visiting the non-profit missions-organization Onesimo in Manila where we support a young teen to be safe from living on the streets and finalize her education in order to have better chances for her future. It will be great to visit her, and the other children, to speak with them about their lives and hopes and see if some ideas which have been going through my mind can someday help produce opportunities for these kids to sustain a future for themselves. 

For today I will just post a few photos from our Christmas celebrations. It’s a season I just love enjoying, way past the celebrations and sales. In the near future postings, I will do some looking back to 2010 as well as looking forward to an exciting 2011!

Wishing you all a wonderful continued start in the New Year,

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