One year, in Mosaic

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When posting on your blog didn’t happen for a while, a year in pictures in one post!

The excitement begins

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Anticipation. Longing. Excitement. Awe; the arrival of your first child. I was honored to photograph the anticipation, excitement, and beauty of little René’s arrival.

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Welcome, sweet little Lainey

September 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Two weeks old, awake, alert, and active; sweet little Lainey at our first meeting.

We decided to do the photo session at the new family’s home. Surrounded by your own things the photos become more personal. Like a photo of Lainey’s cousin on the desk in the background and the lovely details in her room.

Being in the city, I was wondering how to get all the supplies and props I brought with me to their place, making sure my little boy doesn’t run around on the street unattended and while I was dropping off the luggage and finding a place to park. God works in mysterious ways; in this area it’s not so easy to find parking but there it was – a parking spot right outside their door, just for us. How little things make me happy.

Lainey was asleep when we arrived. But apparently, she didn’t want to miss any of the action, and stayed awake for the rest of our visit. Even though we may feel that many baby-poses turn out ‘better’ when they are sleeping, we were able to get some lovely captures of this new little miracle while she was moving and observing the happenings.

I can’t wait to see her grow. Welcome sweet little Lainey.

Little Blessing

June 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

Little N is 4 weeks old. Big sister P is 3 and totally protective of her new baby brother. In between convincing P that I will not hurt little N when I photograph him, and mamma consoling him every few minutes, we did manage to get quite some wonderful captures of this newborn little blessing. What a wonderful few hours with the family it was.

From lump to lovely little lady

July 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

The other night, I was playing around with some photos from a maternity shoot I did a few months ago. I enjoyed testing the different effects, which are more suitable for studio shots than outdoors. It’s all a taste thing, and there are some black and white captures. After the fact, I see how I would have wanted a few thing shot differently, but ‘Oh well!’ as my step-mom use to say, our art y-moods can change from day-to-day. What do you think?

And a little Cross Process on the lump that became a beautiful little baby girl.

Newborns and big sisters

November 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

Today I got a letter in the mail. A real letter, written by hand, in a colored envelope. WOW. I ripped it open, unlike the regular machine printed envelopes I usually get.

It came from a friend with whom I met up with a little while back, before it got cold and rainy. She had just had her second baby girl a few weeks prior to that day. I asked her kindly if I could take some pictures and test some poses with such a new (and flexible) little blessing. The only hitch was that the beautiful baby didn’t want to sleep, which would have made the posing easier. Even though she was wide awake and stretching her arms and legs as far as she could, we caught some precious photos of her and her older sister (who wanted all the attention of course!) .

I had gotten a few props that might just fit a baby in them, like baskets. But you can see in the wrinkles on her forehead, she was not real convinced about it.

Big sister, in a rare moment of stillness.

A short nap in a basket, but not long..

Big sister wanted to help and check out if baby sis might be needing a diaper… ‘Nope, no kaka!’

Catching a beautiful butterfly, while she was playing in her kitchen.

Most of the time, she was awake and stretching her little legs and arms. So no real newborn-folded-poses possible. But that was fine too!

Slowing down time, sweet.

Thank you so much Sonja for letting me spend a few mornings with you and your beautiful girls. Looking forward to seeing them again for the next session!

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