Getting back on(the)line

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

The line of life is curved and swirly, sometimes it’s put to a full stop for a while, before the line continues in more twirls and curls. seldom is it straight.

The lines of 3 people’s lives, specifically my husband, my son and I, have made a beautiful swirly picture in the last 5 months. Before that we didn’t have a son, and now this beautiful little sweet 2-year-old has filled our lives with laughs and messiness, and much more than that. We finally got to go meet and take home our adoptive son in January, and our lives have been sweetly turned upside-down since then.

That is why the blog has been in a bit of a slumber since the last post. But now it’s time to swing my life-line around my blogs again, adding images from the photo-shoots I have been busy with. Because I have been busy, much too busy. Therefore time to get that line a bit straighter for a while.

There have been weddings, many new-born babies, birthday celebrations, Diamond Jubilee benefit party, and many, many, many, portraits of our little sunshine with the chubby cheeks. All of which I will be posting in review in the next weeks. Glad to be back. Help keep me motivated and keep me company; I hope to hear from you often in my future posts.

Show your Chocolate ~ Competition

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

As some of you know, we usually have an assignment/competition on my Facebook page which has a pre-determined theme. The members then have the freedom to bring out their creativity as long as they stick to the theme and any guidelines mentioned, go out and take photos, and post them on the Facebook page. This time the assignment will be a competition, about CHOCOLATE!  This is how it works:

  1. First: Go to Chocolate-Spots on Facebook and ‘Like’ the page.
  2. Second: Post your chocolate photos on the vjk photography page on Facebook.
  3. Surf around on the Chocolate-Spots website and gain some insight on where to be for chocolate, when you are in Switzerland!

Winners will be voted by the jury of admins at Chocolate-Spots and announced here, on the vjk photography page and Chocolate-Spots page on August 1st  (you can’t miss it!)

The winners will get a nice chocolate surprise… So dig in! Looking forward to your tempting posts!

End of winter

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week I spent a few days back home in Sweden. One night was spent with good friends enjoying the sauna and taking dips in the almost frozen water.

Heavenly. Somber. Peaceful.

Nothing like the lively dinner that followed..

After the snow, comes sun

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The past few days has been real springish weather, not usual for the first week in February. The magnolia in the backyard was just so gorgeous in the evening sun, had to snap a few pictures.  Depending on the angle, more or less flare was produced in the lens. Technically this is a fault, but artistically I love it.

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New year news

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a little quiet from my side on the blog posting, sorry about that. Over the holidays I worked on the website, put it on my own domain, and have been looking at some planning for 2011. But not too much planning, otherwise there would be no room for exciting surprises! Just this week some surprising and fun opportunities have popped up and that has energized me, so I will have to put a bit of organization on my blogging time and coordinate that with other social media and work which is also current.

Next month I will be traveling to China and the Philippines where I have planned to shoot some photo-essays along with other work and visiting the non-profit missions-organization Onesimo in Manila where we support a young teen to be safe from living on the streets and finalize her education in order to have better chances for her future. It will be great to visit her, and the other children, to speak with them about their lives and hopes and see if some ideas which have been going through my mind can someday help produce opportunities for these kids to sustain a future for themselves. 

For today I will just post a few photos from our Christmas celebrations. It’s a season I just love enjoying, way past the celebrations and sales. In the near future postings, I will do some looking back to 2010 as well as looking forward to an exciting 2011!

Wishing you all a wonderful continued start in the New Year,

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