Getting back on(the)line

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

The line of life is curved and swirly, sometimes it’s put to a full stop for a while, before the line continues in more twirls and curls. seldom is it straight.

The lines of 3 people’s lives, specifically my husband, my son and I, have made a beautiful swirly picture in the last 5 months. Before that we didn’t have a son, and now this beautiful little sweet 2-year-old has filled our lives with laughs and messiness, and much more than that. We finally got to go meet and take home our adoptive son in January, and our lives have been sweetly turned upside-down since then.

That is why the blog has been in a bit of a slumber since the last post. But now it’s time to swing my life-line around my blogs again, adding images from the photo-shoots I have been busy with. Because I have been busy, much too busy. Therefore time to get that line a bit straighter for a while.

There have been weddings, many new-born babies, birthday celebrations, Diamond Jubilee benefit party, and many, many, many, portraits of our little sunshine with the chubby cheeks. All of which I will be posting in review in the next weeks. Glad to be back. Help keep me motivated and keep me company; I hope to hear from you often in my future posts.

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