China Top 10-ish

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

How in all the world, could I give myself the goal to choose 10 photos to summarize a  post from my recent trip to China? I have heard many times, that choosing a few of your best photos for a competition, an exhibition, or anything of that sort, is a difficult task. I find it to be a downright impossible challenge. But then again, they only have to be the best FOR ME. And I chose most of these because there was a FEELING behind each one when they were taken.

So I will try, here we go:

1) Celebrating our arrival? Nääh, celebrating last days of Chinese New Year.

1.5….) Working in China, a jacket is cheaper than heating…

2) Everybody wants to be a superstar

2.5…) Sooooooo China

3) Never-ending delicacies

3.5……) All kinds of things take place in restrooms…

4) One view of many skyscraper decorations. Amazing night shows, but only till 22.00, then the lights go out for energy savings.

I really liked these police bikes; rustic, standing all over town, blinking red and blue up front, and always without a policeman in sight.

A Lakers fan/street vendor in Shenzhen. Too risky (for us)

Oops, forgot to keep counting, oh well! Gas bottle transport. And IKEA.

Bathroom with a view.

Modern city lights

Spontaneous kisses

Sleeping on the job

Job searching

Sunday Chess in the park

Kung Fu fighting, la la la la la la….

Yarn spinning to order

Lost in translation, so many times….

Sunny smog

Roasting chest nuts as the world passes by.

Piggy back eating

What, it turned out to be more than 10 photos….? Who cares?!  😉

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